My name is Zacarías. Once upon a time, I was a Software/Integration/whatever Architect and I was requested to make a PoC of an Enterprise Service Bus. It must be open source, It must have a solid community and a roadmap according to our interests. Upbio to now nothing different that any experience with an open source tool.

What’s gonna be the difference, what could have this project to motivate myself. Well, I´d started to investigate SOA, ESBs, Rule Engines, BPM, JBI and until now I never let it go…..

Nowadays I´m fascinated with this way of thinking, this way of share business logic. I’m still using this technologies and I want to give something back to the community as much for Architecture, SOA and BPM as other technologies.

This blog will have a mix between code development and enterprise architectures. I think it would be interesting because here, I will give a perspective of a real world implementation. Here I will try to share solutions for experienced problems and examples of implemented features we usually have in our daily work.

I hope it helps you and you have fun reading it.

See you.

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